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Since its inception Greenwood Public School has been the brainchild of S.J. Memorial Education Society(Regd.), which was formed with an idea of contributing to our community by providing education to the most important asset of our nation- youngsters of India , in 1999 through combined efforts of Mr. Tara Chand Rana –a retired Headmaster, Mrs. Sarita Kumar- a renowned educationist and other society members.

Mr. Tara Chand Rana, renowned and retired educationist working with government education department at helm. It is through his good Samaritan attitude and recognizing the growing need of education as only pedestal which can help the current generation of children grow and live in harmony at par with the world.

Their sheer brilliance and a strong will power to contribute to the humanity decided to move with this venture resulting in successfully opening their first school in 2003 and establishing the second institution in 2007 aiming at overall development of student incorporating highest ethical standards, good moral compass giving them ability to assess the right and wrong on their own, intellectual growth and academic excellence.

Greenwood public school is a dynamic, child-centric, co-educational institution providing exceptional scholastic and co-scholastic spheres which aims to capture the interest of child in a graceful manner to develop him/her into a positive contributing asset to the society. We, at Greenwood believe that each child is unique in his own perspective and talents therefore each child should also be unique to their learning experience that is why every student here, is taught in a way best suited to their talents and abilities.

"A person without the knowledge of their past, history and culture is like a tree without its roots."

We at Greenwood understand and recognize that each child has power to change the world in the ways unimaginable to anyone, so it is our duty towards these children and society to bring out the maximum potential of human ingenuity and nurturing personal growth by providing a challenging environment with an amalgamation of integrated learning spheres in perfect synchronization to train and engage young minds.

Our framework policies and workings ensure that a child right from a very tender age is instilled with positive outlook towards world through the learning developed in the school where our only aim is to nurture growth and intellect by providing stimulating activities. The school aims to be in union with society and parents to help students in becoming independent self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

Mrs. Sarita Kumar, Educationist Philanthropist
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."
-Helen Keller

President awardee Mrs. Sarita Kumar is an inspiration for innumerable and living epitome that one only needs a vision and will to see it through rest doesn’t matter, time and again her work has been recognized not only by her subordinates working under her but also by the Govt. of India by accumulating her in #100 women Achiever, with an achievement directly by The President of India , Sh. Pranab Mukherjee for her contribution in the field of education.

These recognitions have only driven her to step beyond the comfort zone and take verdicts for the betterment of most important asset of our society i.e children. Mrs. Kumar has also been awarded by Hon’ble Chief Minister of state of Haryana Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar for her contribution in the field of education as well as women empowerment. The journey is infinite.

Mrs Sarita Kumar a visionary, experienced and a decisive professional, dreams to establish Greenwood Public School as one of the finest and the best educational institution of Delhi-NCR. Her aspiration towards the students of today is to educate them in the true sense by providing systematic and friendly guidance; to provide an experience that they will remember, not learn. Mrs Kumar believes that our children are the most precious gift of God to the human and to nurture them unconditionally is the nature’s way of giving us a chance to cherish, relive and make amendments to one’s own childhood.

A firm advocate of the transforming power of education, she believes that better education will create a better world.

Mrs. Jyoti Sharma, School Principal
"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think."
-Albert Einstein

Mrs. Jyoti Sharma, School Principal, is a committed educator having nineteen years of enriching experience in the field of education. A Post graduate in commerce from University of Delhi with a professional degree in Education. She is a proud recipient of the “Inspiring Educator Award” from Mrs Kiran Bedi , the Former IPS Officer.

Mrs. Sharma believes that imparting the education to young minds should be on discovering and emerging out the hidden talents, lying dormant inside all the children, who are unique individuals in their own way. Being an articulate communicator, she is able to effectively relate to the teachers, parents and students at a variety of academic levels, thereby implementing a culture of positive discipline in school.

Ardently following the philosophy of congenial learning, the educational approach followed at GWPS is innovative and is duly complemented with latest technology and audio-visual aids, integrated in a range of applications 'throughout the classroom' in an attempt to improve the quality of learning. Under her flagship, the students have been able to effectively learn and excel in all areas, may it be academics, sports or curricular arenas, and have proved their determination in various competitions at State , National & International levels.

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
-Phil Jackson

Imagine an education where the team's dedication & devotion shapes the future of community’s knowledge about learning and has been honored at local, national, and global levels. Their experience and enthusiasm is then passed along to our students, creating the next generation of knowledgeable engineers, doctors, researchers, and leaders.

Our School team is a group of highly qualified mentors who encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for child's wellbeing for their not only mental, physical, social but ethical development as they work with the commitment filled with tender love.

Each member takes care of academic, non-academic and social-value of individual child at every level of classes and ages respectively.

Information & Technology Labs : "It's not that we use technology, we live technology" We provide our kids with best level of technical education through qualified professionals; which is considered a priority here at Green wood.

Science Labs : Students understand the concepts of science better with performance of logics. School has individual science experiment platforms to perform the practical in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Reckoning Lab: Mathematics laboratory is a place rich in manipulation materials to which children have ready access to handle them, perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in other activities by using E-boards & Jodo gyan kit.

Library: The school boasts of maintaining a well-furnished library with books of all age group. Newspapers and magazines are provided in addition to a wide range of books which also include dictionaries, Encyclopedias, books on General Knowledge and year books. The emphasis in all our branch is on reading.

Dance Room: We make sure that all our children are emotionally eloquent with dedicated dance room with specially crafted timber floor for good grip and providing them with best instructors of renowned Shiamak Davar dance group.

Music Room: Music is the best way to express lament feelings. School educates the children in vocal & instrumental music individually through the well qualified experienced trainers.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Arena : "Sports and studies have gone hand in hand since times of Gurukul."At Greenwood, we take both of these spheres seriously in a child's life and subject the learning of students to both of these spheres for complete overall development of their personalities.

Yoga Room : Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. At school we make it practical and instill discipline in students through physical, mental & spiritual peace.

Art & Craft Room : Art and craft for students are fun and the young-at-heart! Many art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, potential puppeteers, and more at school.

Accolade & Rank

Our student Alakh Mathur tops Gurgaon City in CBSE Xth (2019-20) result.

Times School surveyed top schools of Delhi/NCR in which our School ranked at 1st position in 2019.

Mrs. Sarita Kumar, the Chairperson of the school received the most prestigious President Award of the #100 Women Achievers in the Educational Category by the Ministry of Women and Child Development by the former president Shri Pranab Mukhrjee.

Mrs. Sarita Kumar also honored by the Chief Minister of Haryana, Shree Monohar Lal Khattar for recognition of her work in Education and Women Empowerment.

Mrs. Sarita Kumar received Confederation of Education Excellence Award 2016 in Individual category for imparting her excellence in the field of education by the Deputy Chief Minister of New Delhi.

Mrs. Sarita Kumar was acknowledged and honoured by the Commissioner of Police, Gurugram, Shri Sandeep Khirwar for her brilliant contribution of invigorating the society by educating underprivileged women.

Mrs. Sarita Kumar was acknowledged and honoured by C.B.S.E Chairman.

C.B.S.E. Certificate for Excellent in ICT School Education in India.


Learning Structure

"Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere."

First-hand learning is practiced through E-Board at Kindergarten, Primary and Senior Section. Time tested tools like mind mapping, guided visualization and select setting enable the learners to adopt the concept well. The school is providing latest technological facilities, modern techniques through Audio Visual infrastructure without sacrificing the traditional Indian moral & cultural values. It is a beautiful blend of modernity and traditions.

Competitions & Activities

"Competition makes you try to improve yourself all the time."

The School believes in overall development of the students by balancing academics, extra-curricular activities, sports in the state of art infrastructure within the campus. School excels both in sports and co-curricular activities. It has been seizing top positions in skating, badminton and in debates and declamation contests. The school offers playgrounds for cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton and other indoor & outdoor sports.

Hall Of Fame

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence."

The school ensures phenomenal and exceptional performance in Class X & Class XII Board examinations every year. The purpose of our school is to provide personalized attention, regular motivation, proper guidance & counseling along with remedial measures has indeed brought us desired results in the Board examinations and other National Level Exams. Conducive, stress free atmosphere is provided for the holistic development

Student Care

Student's Mentoring

"Every kid needs a mentor. Everybody needs a mentor."

Sometimes it is very hard to cope with all of the changes that happen in life. If someone has trouble dealing with certain situations or emotions, he might find counseling to be a helpful way of sorting things out. A counselor can help him understand his feelings and problems. Effective counseling makes one skillful to cope with the stresses of day today life. Counseling helps in dealing with situations like :- sad, frustrated, or lonely.

Student Health

"A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement" ― Jess C. Scott

Guidelines for Parents Regarding to health : All the parents are required to impart health education to their children and ensure that they maintain personal hygiene like trimming nails and hair as an when required. Parents should ensure that their ward : - exercises regularly - takes regular sleep of atleast 8 hours daily - has a balanced and nutritious diet. - avoids regular consumption of junk food / ice cream / cakes etc. - carries water and tiffin daily to school.

Career Counseling

"Dreams are extremely important.You can’t do it unless you imagine it."

Career counseling often includes the use of standardized assessment instruments such as the Strong Interest Inventory, the Self-Directed Search, or other instruments designed to clarify (to make clear or easier to understand) career interests, values, personality, or self-identified skills.As a part of the career counseling process, students are made to read about and interview professionals in effective workshops conducted in the school premises. We aim to increasingly using the internet as a vehicle for counseling, outreach, training, and collaboration.

Student Council

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom." - General George Patton

The new academic year ushered in the formation of a new senate.The senate plays a pivotal role in the working of the school administration. The Senate has students that are both elected and selected; through voting, panel discussions and rigorous interviews. They prepared to throw on the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school and promised to disburse their duties and errands in the most proactive and diligent manner.

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Greenwood Public School School, Gurgaon


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Huda Site No. 1,

Sector - 9

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Mrs. Jyoti Sharma , M.Com B.Ed


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6799 Sq Meters


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3, 48x24



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Working At GWPS

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"

Greenwood Public School provides aim accomplishing teachers an unrestricted platform to execute innovative lesson plans. Regular training and workshops are held to enhance skills and update on latest trends and technologies.
At GWPS , teaching is neither a profession, nor a job. It is a responsibility, and it is an achievement An achievement of rising among the trend-setters in education. Teachers at GWPS are those who can work on diverse platforms, where the best academic minds meet the best academic potential.


Vacancies at Greenwood

1) PRT- Mother Teacher required qualification B.A. with B.Ed. and 2-3 years experience(New)

2) PRT - All Subjects required qualification B.A with B.Ed and 2-3 years experience(New)

3) TGT (English, Mathematics, Hindi, Social Science, Science, Sanskrit, Art & Craft, Computer) required qualification B.A / B.Sc. with B.Ed and 2-3 years experience(New)

4) PGT (Political Science, Sociology) required qualification Post Graduation with B.Ed and 2-3 years experience(New)

5) Dance Teacher required qualification Diploma in Dance and 2-3 years experience(New)

6) Music Teacher required qualification Diploma in Music and 2-3 years experience(New)

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